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Read everything before you do something in this group!

Rarity v3 by kero444(Hello all MLP-FiM-Fans!) Fluttershy v3 by kero444

(Read everything before you do something everypony!)

This group is for all who really like or love My Little Pony: Friendship is magic.
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Luna by kero444 -->> READ THE RULES EVERYPONY!!!

:bulletred::bulletpurple::bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletgreen: --> (R.U.L.E.S!) <--:bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpink::bulletpurple::bulletred:

:bulletgreen: If you want to put up art here you must be a member first!
:bulletgreen: The art must have been done by you!
:bulletgreen: Please put up finished art that you are really proud of!
:bulletgreen: Do not put up traditional sketches unless they're very detailed!
:bulletgreen: Please choose the right folder to submit art!
:bulletgreen: If you choose the wrong folder the picture will be removed!
:bulletgreen: If you do upload a sketch, it must be good scanned and not a photograph or blurry!
:bulletgreen: If your art is removed, don't resubmit it!
:bulletgreen: Be kind to all!
:bulletgreen: You can put up 2 pieces of art per week!
:bulletgreen: No literature, only art!
:bulletgreen: No blurry and to dark pictures only good quality art!
:bulletgreen: No killing, bloody or gore art!
:bulletgreen: ONLY PONIES IN THIS GROUP no art from other shows at all!

:bow::star: Good artists in this group with good pony art! :star::bow: Take a look! ^^

:iconleossquirrels::iconkp-shadowsquirrel::iconegophiliac::iconmysticalpha::iconralekarts::iconhinoraito::iconbioniclegahlok::iconlimreiart::iconrizcifra::iconkloudmutt::iconmickeymonster::iconshinepawpony::iconstinkehund::iconamenoo::iconwhitedove-creations::iconajvl::icongreyradian::iconnp447235::iconecmajor::iconlaurenmagpie::iconbeavernator::iconaurora-chiaro::iconincinerater::iconpridark::iconpony-berserker::iconeuropamaxima::iconcinnamon-stitch::iconestories::iconsorcerushorserus::iconfalleninthedark::icondennyvixen::iconchritsel::iconuotapo::iconstepandy::iconshamanguli: More coming...

Have a nice day or a good night! Luna and Fluttershy by GeminiGirl83 HUG!

Gallery Folders

Jet Stream [ych] by Koveliana
Commission: Pillow Talk by MykeGreywolf
BatPony's secret place - Animated (GIF) by iMioKun
Equilibrium by Bra1nEater
Princess Luna Celestia and Cadence ONLY
The-Throne-Room by Laszl
Ambassador Spike by Falling-stars-1
Princess Tia ^^ by Skitsniga
Princess of the Night by Candy-Bat
Fluttershy ONLY
A Bat! by TomboyGirl45
Dangerous Beauty by LolliponyBrony
Gothic-Shy by Laszl
~Fluttershy~ by AmaranthRain
Rarity ONLY
Goth-Style by Laszl
Swiggity 2.0 by ManeInGreen
Generosity by CreativityBox18
Swiggity by ManeInGreen
Twilight Sparkle ONLY
Twilight Sparkle by LydiaNyan
Princess Twilight Sparkle by JadedMelody613
Morning Glory by LolliponyBrony
Stardust by Zakkurro
Rainbow Dash ONLY
Lost by Spirit-Dude
L O V E by Spirit-Dude
Stream Commission: Rainbow Shimmer by MykeGreywolf
Where Fears and Horrors Come True by TomboyGirl45
Applejack ONLY
Applejack in forest by vell221
Warmed-out by Laszl
Parasprites in a flowerbed - the cutest swarm by SugarcubeCherry
AppleJack by norithecat
Pinkie Pie ONLY
Pinkie Pie by LydiaNyan
Goth-Party-Queen by Laszl
Pinkie Pie by JadedMelody613
[MLP] Smile! (Contest Entry) by AmberPone
Cosplay, Toys and Plushies
Big Macintosh Beanie by equinepalette
Life-sized Starlight Glimmer Plushie by equinepalette
The cuddliest swarm of the century-hide the apples by SugarcubeCherry
The Great and Powerful Trixie! by VasGoTec
Villains ONLY
Starlight Glimmer by JadedMelody613
Adagio Dazzle by JadedMelody613
Morning walk through a Queen's garden by Wilvarin-Liadon
Ponified Sunset Shimmer watercolor painting by Themisto97
Derpy Hooves ONLY
#DerpyDay by JazzyTyfighter
CMC Crew and Spike ONLY
Singing Belle by lula-moonarts
Background Ponies ONLY
Flitter by Laszl
Art of Humaniced and Anthro Ponies ONLY
Reading is Too Magic by Sinaherib
More Than 1 Character
Girl has THREESOME at BronyCon2017 and other tales by Cuddlepug
Art of your Pony OC's here ONLY
[COM$] Ivybruh by SugahFox
Art of your Pony OC'S here ONLY 2
Artic Frost -redraw- by Zakkurro


Heat of the east by DiscordTheGE Heat of the east :icondiscordthege:DiscordTheGE 401 30 Comforting by MagnaLuna Comforting :iconmagnaluna:MagnaLuna 1,062 38 Starlight Glimmer by imDRUNKonTEA Starlight Glimmer :iconimdrunkontea:imDRUNKonTEA 958 115 Sky Full of Stars by RavenSunArt Sky Full of Stars :iconravensunart:RavenSunArt 62 4 Luna - Only a reflection of light by LuleMT Luna - Only a reflection of light :iconlulemt:LuleMT 905 71 Sing Your Heart Out by VanillaGhosties Sing Your Heart Out :iconvanillaghosties:VanillaGhosties 382 53 Sisterhood is magic by Wilvarin-Liadon Sisterhood is magic :iconwilvarin-liadon:Wilvarin-Liadon 1,115 43 Pear Butter Animation by TheRealDJTHED Pear Butter Animation :icontherealdjthed:TheRealDJTHED 1,258 87 Roar by Imalou Roar :iconimalou:Imalou 959 43 Das Treffen mit dem Tier (Meeting the Beast) by DiscordTheGE Das Treffen mit dem Tier (Meeting the Beast) :icondiscordthege:DiscordTheGE 510 38 After the story by 1Jaz After the story :icon1jaz:1Jaz 1,318 55 Luna And Tantabus by MrPoniator Luna And Tantabus :iconmrponiator:MrPoniator 455 19 Royal Sketchbook: Snuggles by SilFoe Royal Sketchbook: Snuggles :iconsilfoe:SilFoe 889 28 Clinging to the Past by NadnerbD Clinging to the Past :iconnadnerbd:NadnerbD 904 35 Moonrise by antiander-art Moonrise :iconantiander-art:antiander-art 1,220 39 Five Star Accommodations by harwicks-art Five Star Accommodations :iconharwicks-art:harwicks-art 1,178 79



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